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11 The Evolutionary Ascent to World Law

Glen T. Martin

The process of evolution involves the universe becoming evermore conscious of itself through development of multiple levels of sensory awareness from a primitive paramecium to a fully developed human self-consciousness. Primitive life is oriented to its surrounding environment through multiple forms of awareness and evol...

12 Law as the Objective Framework for Qualitative Human Growth

Glen T. Martin


In this brief article, I want to discuss the concepts of law, democracy, and the common good. I also want to show that the real purpose and function of all three of these (law, democracy, and the common good) can only be realized at the global ...

13 A Human Rights System for the Earth Establishing a Foundation for the Beloved Community

Glen T. Martin

Human Rights and Law Forum

New Delhi, India

16 December 2019

In this paper I argue that the realization of human rights for the people of Earth can only happe...

14 Planetary Noncooperation with Evil Is Our Duty

Glen T. Martin

Venice, Italy, January 2020, on the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi

“Noncooperation with Evil is a Duty”

Mahatma Gandhi

These words of Mahatma...

15 Five Steps to Create a Decent Human Future

Glen T. Martin


As a YouTube video: https://youtu.be/0fSbWYl7wU0

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