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36 Our Astonishing Human Situation Includes the Logos Using Deep Reason after the Coronavirus to ratify

In many religious and spiritual traditions there are three primary dimensions. Perhaps the most well-known today is “body, mind, and spirit.” In our human articulation of the ultimate nature of the universe, three dimensions of our metaphysical situation are also often e...

37 WCPA Credo: United behind the Earth Constitution

We struggle in solidarity for a transformed future

The ideal of a united, loving, and democratic human civilization upon the Earth brings us all together in a quest that transcends the personal details of our individual lives. We are together in hope, vision, and struggle for a...

38 The Earth Constitution as Human Self-Actualization

The Constitution for the Federation of Earth represents the concept of humanity brought to self-actualization in a comprehensive and synergistic form. This short article broadly reviews the development of this idea in human civilization. We see today that we are at an impasse, a blockage to the ...

39 Individual Autonomy and Transpersonal Maturity in Relation to the Constitution for the Federation of

The age of individualism began during the Renaissance and can be said to have blossomed in the 18th century with the doctrines of individual human rights. However, psychologists across the board are today taking us beyond this individualism and pointing out that higher levels of maturity are transpe...

40 How is the Earth Constitution both a Means and an End?

Glen T. Martin

What is the end or goal of human existence? Is human life just a meaningless accident within an impersonal and uncaring cosmos or is the very depth and meaning of existence coming to fruition through human consciousness? As many people know, I see ...

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