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The Immense Significance of Article 19 of the ECI


The Immense Significance Of Article 19 Of The ECI

Glen T. Martin

April 2019

The World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) supports the ratification of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth under the criteria outlined in Article 17. The 4th Constituent Assembly, meeting in Troia, Portugal, in 1991 determined that the Constitution was a completed document ready for ratification. The Constitution sets up a parliamentary system for the world in which the 3 Houses of the World Parliament make democratic laws for the Earth regarding all those global problems beyond the scope of nation-states: ending war, protecting universal human rights, eliminating extreme poverty, and protecting the planetary environment. All this is in the future, a future that activists for WCPA are helping to create.

But Article 19 opens up an additional perspective. Article 19, named “Provisional World Government,” gives human beings the right and duty to begin world government here and now. It lays out concrete steps that can be taken now under the authority of the Earth Constitution to actually begin the world government. The justification for this, as the Preamble to the Earth Constitution declares, is that the world is in crisis, in danger both of nuclear holocaust and in the throes of ongoing climate collapse. What are we waiting for?

As the Second Constituent Assembly declared in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in 1979: The people of Earth have the right and responsibility to create world government since every one of the world’s nation-states, without exception, have abdicated their duty in this regard. The only credible solution for these crises is democratic world law uniting humanity to effectively deal with these lethal threats to human existence. It is all of us or none, a phrase that Albert Einstein first used when he called for democratic world government, and that, following Einstein, Errol E. Harris used as the title for his 1993 book about why we need to ratify the Earth Constitution. Hence, article 19 says that we have the right and duty to start it now.

Article 19 outlines the emergence of provisional world government through a framework of steps that should be taken to develop the organizations necessary for the Earth Federation to come into its final form. It calls for the formation of “preparatory commissions” that address the multiple initiatives necessary: a Ratification Commission, a World Elections Commission, a World Problems Commission, a Finance Commission, etc. These commissions are organized and promoted through the Provisional World Parliament (PWP), which is taken to be the primary organ within the emerging Earth Federation government.

The Provisional World Parliament will elect its own Presidium and be responsible for the formation of the Provisional World Executive with its Executive Cabinet. Together these shall begin programs dealing with the most urgent world problems (Article 19.5.1). In the light of this, Article 19.5.4 states that “insofar as consider appropriate and feasible, the Provisional World Parliament and Provisional World Executive may undertake some of the actions specified under Article 17, section 3.12, for the first operative stage of World Government.”

Any feature, agency, or aspect of the Earth Constitution can be started as part of the Provisional World Government initiative. Our worldwide organization, WCPA, sponsor of the Constitution, has however been limited by both resources and by forces that do not want us to succeed. (I’m sure it is easy for you to imagine whom these forces might be.) In spite of the limited availability resources and personnel, we have already initiated several features of Provisional World Government, under the authority of Article 19, representing an immense accomplishment of WCPA from the early 1980s to the present.

The most basic initiative has been the creation of the Provisional World Parliament (PWP) itself, the sessions of which over time, have become increasingly professionalized and up to the highest standards of legislative expertise. This has largely been due to the hard work of Dr. Eugenia Almand, who has remained Secretary of the Parliament and Chair of the Legislative Review Commission for some time. We have held 14 sessions of the Provisional World Parliament to date in cities and countries around the world and have passed some 67 World Legislative Acts that the provisional world government could be implementing to the limit of its organizational and financial resources. These include the Emergency Earth Rescue Administration mentioned in Article that was established as World Legislative Act # 6 in New Delhi in 1985. We will see below that we have already taken a first step toward the actualization of the work of the EERA.

The first session of the Parliament was held at the famous Royal Pavilion in Brighton, England in 1982. The second session was opened at the renowned Constitution Club in New Delhi, India, by the then President of India. The third session was in Miami Beach, Florida, USA; the fourth session in Barcelona, Spain; the fifth on the island of Malta; the sixth in Bangkok, Thailand, etc. The 14th session was held at the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture in Kolkata, India, in 2014. These 14 sessions have passed a substantial body of provisional world law that illuminates the kind of world that can be created under the authority of the Earth Constitution. https://www.radford.edu/gmartin/PWP.legis.acts.list.htm

These sessions constitute the World Parliament in action, in rudimentary form to be sure, without a secretariat and significant resources, but provisional world government nevertheless. The implications couldn’t be greater: we have started it. It is on-going. It needs, of course, to be built upon and nurtured. But the key to a decent human future is not simply an imagined future that does not yet exist, but this living reality in embryotic form. As many of you know, we are now looking for a venue and host for the next session of Parliament that recognizes its great world-historical significance and that magnifies it in the ways that this phenomenal development in human history deserves. Those of us who attend such a Parliament, either as delegates or officers, thereby become government officials, and no longer simply WCPA members.

As stated above, Article 19 does not limit what can be created now to the World Parliament, which is our first accomplishment in the direction of provisional world government. The World Executive should also be created with any of its ministries. The World Judiciary, the World Attorney’s General, the World Police, or the World Ombudsmus all can be established now, under the authority of Articles 19 and 17.3.12. We need people of integrity and stature to head these burgeoning agencies and make it clear to the world that world law under the Earth Constitution is actually happening. The PWP in fact has a number of standing commissions, however, these are not active right now for lack of resources and personnel to staff them.

Nevertheless, the provisional world judiciary was started with the passage of WLA 48, the Collegium of World Judges Act, passed in 2010, which is our second accomplishment and initiative. This act activates provisional Collegium of World Judges (modelled on the Collegium outlined in Article 9 of the Constitution) to develop the world court system and begin a process of adjudicating and dispensing judgments under the authority of the Earth Constitution. High court justices from various countries, both sitting and retired, have signed up as members of the Collegium. From the Collegium, once we have enough membership and resources, the first Bench of the World Supreme Court System can then be created.

Our third accomplishment with respect to Article 19 involves the burgeoning development of the World Parliament University (WPU). The Earth Constitution calls for a World University System, and Article 19 empowers us to begin that system. The Education Act of the Provisional World Parliament (World Legislative Act # 26, passed in 2004) describes the broad requirements for all educational institutions receiving funding or support from the Earth Federation government. The World Parliament University is close to the point where we will be offering courses on-line, some of which will follow the syllabi for global education worked out in this world legislative act. Its legal precursor was the Graduate School of World Problems established, under World Legislative Act # 4, at the very first session of the PWP in Brighton, England in 1982. Both WCPA and the WPU are funded and supported by the Earth Federation Institute (EFI) based in Virginia, USA www.worldproblems.net

Fourth, we have begun the World Executive Branch by appointing a leading environmentalist as Environmental Minister for the Provisional World Government. This person is directing in a vast project for planting trees as part of our strategy to slow down global warming and restore forested lands. The trees are being planted in the name of Provisional World Government by the World Environmental Minister, under the authority of the EERA (World Legislative Act #6) and Article 19 of the Earth Constitution. What is needed, of course, is a global program unifying all nations and peoples to combat climate collapse. That is what the Earth Emergency Rescue Administration intends. We are proud to say that the world already has an active Environmental Minister. This can serve not only to publicize our work, but also as an incentive for the people of Earth to join together under the Earth Constitution before it is too late. The EERA needs funding and resources to expand such environmental measures worldwide.

The text of the Constitution does not mention its sponsor, the WCPA, and the officials empowered by the Constitution are normally those originating with the Provisional World Parliament. (The WCPA By-laws, on the other hand, do mandate its Trustees to activate the Provisional World Parliament and corresponding Provisional World Government.) Article 19 states that all past delegates to sessions of the PWP remain official delegates for future sessions. From the 14th session, for example, we have Indian Gandhian activist E.P. Menon and leading Malaysian lawyer Puan Saraswathy Devi who remain recognized as governmental law makers.

Also, of course, original signatories to the Earth Constitution such as Dr. Roger Kotila and Dr. Dauji Gupta (both Vice-Presidents of WCPA) remain recognized lawmakers. The elected President of the last session of the Parliament was Dr. Glen T. Martin and the Executive Secretary for the Parliament was Dr. Eugenia Almand. Hence, the appointment to the post of Environmental Minister was in terms of our governmental roles as members of the Provisional World Parliament and not simply as leaders of WCPA. Nevertheless, WCPA is a global non-governmental organization (NGO) specifically created to sponsor and promote the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, with a considerable mandate to do so.

The key principles to focus on here are that provisional world government is already in operation, and that this process can actualize the kind of institutions and actions so badly needed by the people of Earth before it is too late. WCPA chapters and members can and should be starting up as many aspects of the Earth Federation government as possible, beginning with the elaboration of commissions and infrastructure for the Parliament itself.

The Parliament needs a Secretariat and funding. And it needs leading persons to staff and guide its commissions. The first step in the process of becoming a representative of the Provisional World Government is to sign the Pledge of Allegiance to the Earth Constitution: http://earth-constitution.org/support/pledge/ This is the essential precondition for becoming a member of the Provisional World Parliament or holding any position within the government. There is a new environmental activist organization called “Extinction Rebellion” that has been committing civil disobedience in France and England, raging against the very real prospect of human extinction. Our WCPA membership should be just as passionate. We too are fighting tooth and nail against the prospect of human extinction.

We are not merely visionaries but doers. All manner of useful work at the local level can be done in the name of the emerging World Government, thereby giving special incentive and vision to people everywhere. We need to awaken to the significance of our own work and to the power and responsibilities given to us by the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. Together, with both pride and courage, we must move forward rapidly to empower the Provisional World Parliament to grow the provisional Earth Federation into the final Earth Federation under a ratified Earth Constitution. The entire future of our planet hangs in the balance; it depends on what we do today.