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1 The Tragedy of Our Planetary Commons: Climbing Out of the Abyss

Glen T. Martin

Presidential Address at the Building the World Parliament Conference of WCPA

on the theme of

“Climate Crisis and the Earth Constitution”

O.P. Jindal...

2 The New Moral Imperative of Holism

Glen T. Martin

There has been a fundamental paradigm shift taking place in the sciences since physicist Max Planck published his “quantum hypothesis” in 1900 and Einstein published his “special theory of relativity” in 1905. Both theories have flourished since that time with ever more corroboration and ...

3 Humanizing the Human within an Era of Disruption

Glen T. Martin

World Philosophical Forum
World Philosophy Day, Keynote Address, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November
21, 2019

What do we mean by the humanizing of the human? And what do we mean by an era of disruption? The atte...

4 What is Socialism?

Glen T. Marin

The basic ideas of socialism go back to the roots of the great world religions and to the conceptions of justice and community envisioned by many ancient thinkers and religious texts. These basic ideas did not come from the critiques of capitalism that emerged with the works of Karl Marx and other thinkers critical of cap...

5 The Socialist Imperative and Our Global Social Contract

Glen T. Martin

Human beings are moving toward moral maturity. The psychologists and philosophers of human development have reached a broad consensus concerning the stages of moral, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive development. Upon reaching adulthood we are capable of continuous growth toward becoming ever-more “worldcentric.” W...

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