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WCPA Credo: United behind the Earth Constitution


WCPA Credo: United Behind The Earth Constitution

We struggle in solidarity for a transformed future

The ideal of a united, loving, and democratic human civilization upon the Earth brings us all together in a quest that transcends the personal details of our individual lives. We are together in hope, vision, and struggle for a decent future for humankind. We are together in our struggle against involuntary poverty, all forms of exploitation, all forms of war, injustice, corruption, and dehumanization.

We each have insight into the immense, mysterious dignity that all human beings share as self-aware manifestations of some cosmic purpose, from a source and meaning perhaps beyond our comprehension. Yet this dignity and our immense human potential are clear and compelling. We are united in our commitment to promote and enhance that dignity through bringing democracy, law, friendship, equality, and loving cooperation to human affairs everywhere on Earth.

We are together in our insight that the Constitution for the Federation of Earth is a key to the transformation of human civilization. It unites the nations, the races, the religions, and cultures of the world under the principle of unity in diversity, ending war, and ushering in a fulfillment of our common humanity never before seen in human history. We see that the design of the Earth Constitution brings humanity beyond its former and present fragmentation into a truly new era of wholeness, cooperation, justice, peace, and sustainability.

Each of us has experienced in his or her own way the crying injustice of involuntary poverty for both people and nations. Each of us has understood in his or her own way the stupidity and evil of war and senseless violence. Each of us has seen the threat to human existence in the on-going collapse and destruction of our planetary biosphere. We are one in our struggle against these evils and we are one in our vision of a transformed world that eliminates involuntary poverty, ends war, transcends violence, and restores ecological harmony to the beautiful planet on which we live.

We understand that Earth Constitution functions both as a symbol of that transformation and as a means by which it can be achieved. We applaud the many statements of justice, peace, and sustainability found around the world today. But we understand that ideals alone are not sufficient to bring us to a new era. Our fragmented nation-state system and entrenched economic institutions must be transformed through a concrete design for a truly holistic civilization. Ideals can only be achieved through concrete blueprints for system-change. That is the role of the Earth Constitution. System-change and consciousness-change go hand in hand, united within this Constitution.

Our common quest and our solidarity transform each of us as well. The more we commit to the cause of a transformed world system under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth the more each of us is called to become a living embodiment of our ideal. Our commitment and our passion ennoble us. We become ever-greater embodiments of unity in diversity, of love, of justice, and of friendly embrace of one another and of people from every corner of our tiny planet Earth.

Together we can lead humankind to fulfillment and victory. Divided we are helpless before the forces of greed, injustice, war, and destruction. In solidarity of vision and spirit we embody not just the few that we are. We embody the telos of history, the higher purpose and spirit of humanity, the quest implicit in all the great religious and humanistic traditions. The Earth Constitution is not simply another noble document or option within the cacophony of human voices. It is the key to actualizing our higher human potential, to becoming what we are and truly could be.