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World Legislative Acts

World Legislative Acts

Act List

WLA 1. Prohibition of Weapons of Mass Destruction.
WLA 2. Creation of the World Economic Development Organization (WEDO)
WLA 3. Creation of the World Oceans and Seabeds Authority (in custody of the people of Earth)
WLA 4. Founding of the Graduate School of World Problems and the World University System.
WLA 5. Act for establishing Provisional World Courts under the authority
WLA 6. Creation of the Emergency Earth Rescue Administration (EERA)
WLA 7. Creation of the Earth Federation Funding Corporation
WLA 8. Creation of the World Commission on Terrorism
WLA 9. Creation of the World Environment Ministry to deal with global
WLA 10. Creation of the World Hydrogen System Authority to research
WLA 11. Creation of the Earth Financial Credit Corporation as a division
WLA 12. Manifesto of 1996 and 2000: World Government Starts
WLA 13. World Peace Act.
WLA 14. World Security Act
WLA 15. Human Rights Court.
WLA 16. World Hydrocarbon Resource Act
WLA 17. Creates the Commission for Legislative Review
WLA 18. Creation of the Provisional Office of World Revenue
WLA 19. Establishes a World Criminal Code Penalty Classification system
WLA 20. Creates a World Bench for Criminal Cases under the authority
WLA 21. Creates a Department of World Patents and Intellectual Property Rights
WLA 22. The Equity Act.
WLA 23. Creates a Global Accounting and Auditing System.
WLA 24. Defines procedures and rules of evidence for the World Bench
WLA 25. Defines rules and laws for the preservation of provisional world
WLA 26. Education Act.
WLA 27. Child Rights Acts.
WLA 28. World Bench on Juvenile Cases.
WLA 29. World Boundaries and Elections Administration
WLA 30. World Water Act
WLA 31. World Ombudsmus Act.
WLA 32. Conflict Resolution Act.
WLA 33. Fissile Production Ban.
WLA 34. Nuclear Weapons Dismantling Procedure
WLA 35. Nuclear Contamination Act.
WLA 36. Quit Guantanamo Directive.
WLA 37. Agreement on World Federal Privileges and Immunities.
WLA 38. Public Utilities.
WLA 39. Prohibition of Unauthorized Destruction of Illegal Financial Instruments.
WLA 40. Indemnity Bonds.
WLA 41. Posting the Stock Law.
WLA 42. Universal Guaranteed Annual Income.
WLA 43. Human Trafficking Prohibition
WLA 44. Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Act.
WLA 45. Bureaucratic Efficiency Act.
WLA 46. Clandestine Operations Prohibition Act.
WLA 47. International Integration Act.
WLA 48. Collegium of World Judges Act.
WLA 49. Shipbreaking Code.
WLA 50. Nuclear Power Plant Decommission Fund.
WLA 51. Economic Prosperity Act.
WLA 52. Democracy Enhancement through Corporation Personhood Prohibition Act.
WLA 53. Transition Process for National Governments Joining the Earth Federation.
WLA 54. Remedies and Corrections Act.
WLA 55. Surveillance Limitations Act.
WLA 56. Crowd Dispersal Ban.
WLA 57. Collegium of World Legislators.
WLA 58. Neonictinoid Ban
WLA 59. Truth and Reconciliation Commissions Act.
WLA 60. Paid Informant Ban.
WLA 61. Fracking Ban.
WLA 62. Fission Power Generation Closure.
WLA 63. Cooperative Communities Empowerment Act.
WLA 64. United Nations Merger:
WLA 65. Global Sustainability Directorate: